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[S1E31] Keep Beach City Weird!

Having won a lamp, Knuckles bought a home on the island to keep it in from T.W. Barker. Getting strong-armed by Barker to pay the unfair house fees however, Knuckles had to spent time away from his team's adventures to earn money from two jobs. When Knuckles lost his jobs though, Team Sonic helped him revoke his contract with Barker at the cost of his house.[72] It was later that the Unnamed Village's Meroke Crystal died out, leaving much of the island without electricity. As such, Team Sonic traveled deep into the mountains on Seaside Island and got a replacement crystal from a deadly trap built by the Ancients, which they used to restore the town's power.[73] Discovering later the Unnamed Village's real name and its ties to the evil Jebediah Badger, the villagers wanted the town renamed. This led to a referendum to decide a new town name, one which Eggman used to get himself elected as the Village leader for a plot to legally destroy the Village. However, Eggman got removed from power and had his plan foiled by Team Sonic. Afterwards, the town got rechristened "Hedgehog Village".[5]

[S1E31] Keep Beach City Weird!



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