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Watch Nadesico: Prince Of Darkness Episode 1 Fo...

In only the second episode, Gai gives away information that foreshadows several large plot twists in the series. In episode 2, after the entire crew is detained by the Earth military, Gai forces a reluctant crew to watch Gekigangar III. During his defense of the series, Daigoji yells "...a secret base overthrown, a military conspiracy! Can't you see how the surviving children will rise up and resolve the situation with their own sweat and blood?" This is clearly a reference to the Jovians' origins. However, due to the placement in only the second episode and that Daigoji is prone to making nonsensical statements, the quote goes largely ignored.

Watch Nadesico: Prince of Darkness Episode 1 fo...

All of which is dancing around the fact that I loved the hell out of what was on offer here, and perhaps also dancing around the fact that it's very clearly not for everyone. But as someone's who's generally interested in Japanese culture and also a colossal animation nerd, this was a delight from start to finish. Of the two works adapted, The Sound of Waves fares better, by virtue of getting two episodes and forty or so minutes to present its story. That still means having a narrator to fill some gaps, but the narration is so tonally suited that it's hardly a problem, and the tale of young love in a remote island community generally goes by at precisely the right pace, excepting perhaps an ending where everything slots into place a fraction too neatly. Nevertheless, it's fine work, and that Growing Up isn't quite on a level is scarcely a criticism, especially when it's such a striking piece of animation. Still, this time the story could use a dash more breathing room, and the ending was so abrupt that I had to rewatch a few scenes to be sure I hadn't missed anything - until I realised abruptness was precisely the way to go. 041b061a72


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