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Stein Mart Buying Office PATCHED

I was just in your steinmart San Jose in Jax locationI asked the store manager - she had a ponytail and was working in ladies. I asked two questions. One - when would markdowns be more than ten percent and when was finalDay of business was. She was extremely rude and snapped we don't k is". No eye contact. Plain rude. It is no wonder stores are closing with employees like this. I asked another lady who she was - and she told me she was the Store manager.

stein mart buying office

I am frustrated with my local steinmart. I purchased a Vince Camuto purse a few weeks ago as a gift. It did not work out so I tried to return it. I had receipt with me but it turned out to be wrong receipt. I had purchased it the week before using my credit card. I asked if they could pull up purchase from my card. They told me no. I have not been able to find receipt at home and I know I only have about 30 days. I paid over $100 for this purse and can't afford to lose the refund. I'm disappointed the manager didn't try to help me

Unfortunately I was very disappointed at the stein mart clerks that they are out there. I had to return an item brand new and lost a receipt for it, the way they looked at me if I was stealing and brought back their merchandise. very poor customer service. I will never ever again go to any steinmart anymore. I usually do my shoppings at saks, bloomingdales, nordstrom rack , nordstrom and macys and it motivated me now more to stay at our existing stores that we usually shop there. Our credit score is above 3,000 and we are not even the type to return anything . With all those purchases we did before at their shop, I now regret it. Very poor customer service. will rate this from 10 not even barely 1 :(

Steinmart managers have strong favoritism and will not accept criticism of their favorite employees. If a person does not like you, they czn call you names, hang up on customers that call you, play games with you, take cash from your drawer with no explanation nor notation of action, yell at you shdn you are with customer, treat mexican customers with disdain even though they are cash and large client base, hive preference to their own friends, give discounts to friends that do not apply, managers ignore these things. One handsome man gets to take four or five breaks, talks on phone constantly, receives five or more personal calls, hides in bathroom for whatever, dating an associate and spends time flirting and talking, but no action on these actions, management favorite. Racism is rampant, I am spanish and associates hate when I speak spanish to customers, customers seek me out, so I get 9 hours a week, this not part time but barely time. I am only one that dresses from steinmart, one cashier wears same blouse aND pant every day, other cashier very plumb wears size clothing 5 sizes to small, very inappropriate. I bring my own cleaning supplies, counters filthy, registers screens dirty, just no pride in this store. When I call merchandiser for guest service, they take 5 minutes to respond. 041b061a72


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