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Squid Game: Everything You Need to Know About the Hit Series - IMDb

Survival K-drama Squid Game is Netflix's recent smash-hit, as viewers all over the world have become engrossed with the titular deadly game and all its players. Fan-created Squid Game memes have popped up all over because the show is so popular.

Unlike nearly every other episode, "Hell" takes place mostly in the outside world rather than within the walls of the competition facility. It has a vastly different tone than the pilot episode, with slow pacing and lots of character building. Instead of tension and action, "Hell," gives audiences a chance to get to know most of the main characters as it follows their backstories, establishing their motivations for competing in the games.

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In "A Fair World," nothing too major about the story is revealed. One of the main storylines follows Byeong-gi, the doctor who secretly works with some of the game guards in order to get ahead in the competition, and his deadly downfall. Another main storyline is the developing plot of Jun-ho, the undercover officer, as he manages to break into the records room.

As the title suggests, "Front Man" is the episode in which the true identity of the Front Man is finally revealed. Officer Jun-ho's story builds up to the final moment in episode 8 when a plot twist exposes that the Front Man had been his missing brother all along. While this happens, the remaining three players prepare for the final game. It is also in this episode that Sae-byeok, one of the most likable Squid Game characters, meets her tragic ending when she is stabbed by Sang-woo after nearly bleeding out.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of "VIPS" is the episode's eye-catching production design. The implementation of the mysterious VIP costumes, the intricate design of the VIP room, and the terrifying look of the Glass Stepping Stones game likely contribute to the overall positive rating of episode 7.

A major bounce back from the lower-rated episode 2, "The Man With The Umbrella" dials the intensity back up. Major plot points of this episode include the Sugar Honeycombs game, Jun-ho beginning his undercover mission, and the forming of alliances between contestants.

The first half establishes Gi-hun's backstory, but about halfway through, the concept of the competition is finally introduced. Then, the tone for the entire series is set with the first game, Red Light, Green Light, which becomes a bloody massacre of players. Amongst the chaos, viewers can still connect with selfless Squid Game characters like Ali, who held up Gi-hun during the game in order to save his life. Episode 1 is full of perfectly crafted world-building that undoubtedly contributes to its high rating.

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One of the bloodiest Squid Game episodes is episode 4, "Stick To The Team." It is in this episode that the murderous riot instigated by Deok-su occurs, perhaps the most brutal of every major death event within the series. This episode is also when Deok-su and Mi-nyeo get together, followed by the tug of war game.

Episode 6 of Squid Game is infamous for being the saddest of all. It has had a major impact on audiences, mostly due to the many heartbreaking deaths of beloved Squid Game characters that occur during the marbles game. With a whopping 9.4, "Gganbu" soars past every other Squid Game episode in terms of ratings.

"Gganbu" is chock-full of emotion. Throughout the marbles game, viewers watch characters they've become so attached to go through sensitive, dramatic conversations with each other that lead to most of their gut-wrenching deaths. Despite audiences feeling so devastated, IMDb users clearly appreciated the emotional rollercoaster, giving the episode such an impressive, near-perfect rating.

Netflix hit the jackpot with Squid Game. The South Korean series recently became the streaming service's most-watched series ever, with over 142 million households tuning in to watch the deadly children's games competition as of October 2021.

"One Lucky Day" is without a doubt the most controversial Squid Game episode. After a bloody Squid Game against Sangwoo, Gihun is returned back home only to find his mother dead and his daughter gone. Traumatized by the events on the island, Gihun refuses to use his prize money for an entire year before receiving an invitation from a delirious Ilnam, who reveals himself as the man behind the games.

Posing as a pink soldier with a secret agenda, police officer Junho continues his investigation in "A Fair World." The episode dives further into the secret organ harvest and reveals various key details about the game's origins and Junho's older brother. After killing the fraudulent soldiers and player 111, a crooked doctor who had also become part of the illicit operation, the Front Man starts an island-wide search for Junho.

"A Fair World" focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the game, with only a few significant moments including the players interspersed in between action-heavy scenes. Given this contrast in tone, the episode suffers from inconsistent pacing at times, but nevertheless remains one of the most insightful episodes in the series.

The episode also exposes the identity of the Front Man, a reveal that was received with mixed reactions from viewers who saw it coming. Despite learning of his connection to Junho and his status as a past winner, many questions regarding his role in the game are still left unanswered and may have to wait until a second season is produced. In the end, the best thing about the reveal is getting to see Lee Byunghun steal the show for the two minutes he's on-screen.

As the first episode of the series, "Red Light, Green Light" had the tough task of introducing the main characters, getting the audience interested in their circumstances, and then shocking everyone with the deadly stakes of the first game. Following the eternally unlucky Gihun as he struggles to connect with his daughter and pay off his debts immediately made him a good, relatable protagonist worth watching.

The players join forces for a game of tug-of-war in "Stick to the Team". The "underdogs never losing despite the odds" is one of the most utilized tropes in media, and yet Squid Game still manages to keep the tension high as Gihun and his team face Deoksu and his all-male troupe. The episode's message is clear: teamwork makes the dream work. Or, in this case, teamwork makes sure no one falls to their deaths.

Celebrated as the best episode in the show, "Gganbu" is a literal game-changer. Despite its slower pace, the episode manages to grab the viewer's attention from start to finish, with the main cast delivering some of the best acting in the series. Faced with having to kill an ally, the characters must forgo the illusion of teamwork they'd built over the past few days and once again prioritize their own survival.

The result of the least violent yet incredibly lethal fourth game is traumatizing for the characters and the audience, who are suddenly reminded that only one can win in the end. After six episodes and countless executions, somehow Ali and Jiyeong's deaths at the end of "Gganbu" feel like the first true losses in Squid Game.

Elijah Canlas Cairo Lazaro (Elijah Canlas) is a live-stream gamer being romantically pursued by a fan, Angel2000, also known as Gavreel Mendoza Alarcon (Kokoy de Santos). In this romantic drama, also categorized as yaoi (translation: boys' love), the two meet online while quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

While one is eager for a rematch after being defeated in a mobile game, the other is seeking something more. Gameboys ispraised for its performances, timeliness, and depiction of Filipino culture. The series has been declared by Indie Shorts Awards Seoul (2020) as Best Web Series and holds over an 8.7/10 rating on IMDb.

Sometimes you just need an augmented reality check. Hyun Bin stars as Yoo Jin-woo, the CEO of an investment company called J One Holdings. He travels to Spain, planning to meet with the seemingly elusive creator of a new AR game centered around battles in the Alhambra, a palace and fortress found in the city of Granada. Yoo Jin-woo winds up meeting the creator's sister, Jung Hee-joo (Park Shin-hye), instead.

Real-life becomes indistinguishable from the hyperrealistic game as the two find themselves navigating strange circumstances together. Described by many critics as a "cleverly crafted story," this science fantasy-action-romance has been a hit. Not to mention, the visual effects look incredible. On IMDb, the series has a 7.9/10 rating.

Bearing the namesake of a popular children's game from the 1970s, this Korean drama has taken Netflix by storm as its popularity skyrocketed across 94 different countries within one month. Squid Game follows people down on their luck and in dire need of money.

After being sent mysterious invitations to compete in seemingly innocent children's games for a cash prize, things take a dark turn. In order to win the more than 45 billion won reward, you have to be the last one standing. Make just one wrong move, and there will be deadly consequences, taking Survivorto a whole new level. This series has been thrilling audiences everywhere, as it has an 8.1/10 rating on IMDb.


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