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How to Read Daring to Dream (Dream Trilogy, #1) by Nora Roberts Online for Free

Daring to Dream by Nora Roberts: A Book Review

If you are looking for a captivating romance novel with a touch of mystery and drama, you might want to check out Daring to Dream by Nora Roberts. This book is the first installment of the Dream Trilogy, a series that follows the lives and loves of three women who grew up together in a luxurious mansion in California. In this review, I will give you an overview of the book, its characters, plot, themes, and my personal opinion. I will also tell you how you can download a PDF version of the book for free.

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Who is Nora Roberts?

Nora Roberts is one of the most popular and prolific authors of romance novels in the world. She has written more than 200 books, many of which have been bestsellers and adapted into movies and TV shows. She has also written under the pen name J.D. Robb for her futuristic suspense series In Death. She has won numerous awards and honors for her work, including being inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame and receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Romance Writers of America.

What is the Dream Trilogy?

The Dream Trilogy is a series of three books that focus on the stories of Margo Sullivan, Laura Templeton, and Kate Powell. These three women were raised as sisters in Templeton House, a magnificent estate owned by the wealthy Templeton family. They share a bond of friendship that transcends blood ties and social classes. However, they also have their own dreams and challenges that they must face as they grow up and fall in love. The titles of the books are:

  • Daring to Dream (1996)

  • Holding the Dream (1997)

  • Finding the Dream (1997)

What is Daring to Dream about?

Daring to Dream is the first book in the trilogy and it introduces us to Margo Sullivan, the daughter of the Templeton's Irish housekeeper. Margo has always dreamed of being a glamorous model and actress, and she has achieved her goal by traveling around the world and gracing magazine covers. However, her life takes a turn for the worse when she is involved in a scandal that ruins her reputation and career. She returns to Templeton House, where she finds comfort and support from her friends Laura and Kate. She also rekindles her attraction to Josh Templeton, Laura's brother and her childhood crush. But as Margo tries to rebuild her life and pursue her new dream of opening a boutique, she also uncovers a secret that could change everything.

Main Body

The Characters

Margo Sullivan

Margo is the protagonist of Daring to Dream. She is a beautiful, confident, and adventurous woman who loves to live life on the edge. She has a rebellious streak that often clashes with her mother's strict expectations. She is also loyal, generous, and compassionate to her friends and family. She has a passion for fashion and beauty, and she enjoys being in the spotlight. However, she also struggles with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, especially after her career collapses. She has to learn to accept herself and her past, and to trust her heart and her dreams.

Laura Templeton

Laura is Margo's best friend and the daughter of the Templeton family. She is a sweet, gentle, and elegant woman who has always followed the rules and done what was expected of her. She married a rich and handsome man, had two lovely daughters, and lived in a perfect house. However, she soon discovers that her husband is cheating on her and wants a divorce. She is devastated and humiliated, but she also finds the courage to stand up for herself and her children. She also realizes that she has neglected her own dreams and happiness, and she decides to pursue a career in gardening and landscaping.

Kate Powell

Kate is Margo's other best friend and the cousin of the Templeton family. She is a smart, ambitious, and hardworking woman who has a knack for numbers and business. She works as an accountant for the Templeton hotel chain, and she is always looking for ways to improve her skills and advance her career. She is also practical, organized, and efficient, but sometimes too rigid and uptight. She has a difficult relationship with her parents, who adopted her when she was a baby and never made her feel loved or wanted. She has to learn to loosen up and have fun, and to open up to love and friendship.

Josh Templeton

Josh is Laura's brother and Margo's love interest. He is a handsome, charming, and successful lawyer who works for his family's business. He is also adventurous, playful, and flirtatious, but he has never been serious about any woman until he sees Margo again. He has always had a crush on her since they were kids, but he never acted on it because he thought she was out of his league. He is determined to win her over, but he also respects her independence and supports her dreams. He is also protective of his sister Laura and his cousin Kate, and he helps them with their problems.

The Plot

Margo's downfall and comeback

The plot of Daring to Dream revolves around Margo's journey from being a famous model to being a disgraced outcast, and then to being a successful entrepreneur. Margo's life falls apart when she is accused of stealing a valuable necklace from a movie star's hotel room. She is fired from her agency, sued by the movie star, and hounded by the media. She has no choice but to return to Templeton House, where she hopes to find some peace and solace. However, she also feels ashamed and guilty for disappointing her mother and friends.

Margo decides to start over by opening a boutique that sells clothes, accessories, and cosmetics from around the world. She uses her contacts in the fashion industry to get the best deals and products. She also uses her charm and charisma to attract customers and publicity. She names her boutique "Pretenses", because she believes that everyone wears a mask to hide their true selves.

Margo's boutique becomes a hit, and she earns enough money to pay off her debts and settle the lawsuit. She also regains her confidence and happiness, and she proves to herself that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Margo and Josh's romance

The plot of Daring to Dream also involves Margo and Josh's romance, which starts as a casual fling but develops into a deep love. Margo and Josh have always been attracted to each other, but they never acted on their feelings because they were afraid of ruining their friendship or their families' relationships. However, when Margo returns to Templeton House, they can no longer deny their chemistry.

Margo and Josh agree to have a no-strings-attached affair, where they can enjoy each other's company without any expectations or commitments. They have fun together, going on dates, traveling, making love, teasing each other. They also share their secrets, fears, hopes, dreams. They become closer than ever before.

However, they soon realize that they want more than just sex from each other. They want love, trust, respect, loyalty. They want to be together as a couple. But they also face some obstacles that threaten their relationship.

One of them is Margo's mother Anne Sullivan, who disapproves of Josh because he is too rich and spoiled for her daughter. She thinks that Josh will The mystery of the necklace

The plot of Daring to Dream also involves a mystery that surrounds a necklace that Margo is accused of stealing. The necklace is a priceless heirloom that belongs to a famous movie star named Deanna Reynolds. Margo was hired to model the necklace for a photo shoot, but she was framed by someone who planted the necklace in her hotel room. Margo has no idea who set her up or why, but she suspects that it has something to do with her past.

Margo learns that the necklace was originally owned by a woman named Seraphina, who was the mistress of Thomas Templeton, the founder of the Templeton hotel empire. Seraphina was a beautiful and mysterious woman who came from Ireland and captivated Thomas with her charm and grace. She gave him the necklace as a symbol of their love, but she also made him promise to build her a house on the cliffs of Monterey, where they could live together. However, before Thomas could fulfill his promise, Seraphina disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only the necklace and a note that said "Dare to dream".

Margo feels a connection to Seraphina, and she wonders if she is somehow related to her. She also wonders if someone knows about her possible ancestry and wants to use it against her. She decides to investigate the mystery with the help of Josh, Laura, and Kate. They discover that Seraphina had a daughter named Bianca, who was adopted by Thomas and his wife after Seraphina's death. Bianca grew up to be the grandmother of Laura and Josh, and the aunt of Kate. This means that Margo is actually a distant cousin of the Templetons, and that she has a claim to the necklace.

Margo also finds out that the person who framed her was Deanna Reynolds herself, who wanted to ruin Margo's career and reputation because she was jealous of her success and beauty. Deanna also wanted to keep the necklace for herself, because she believed that it would bring her fame and fortune. Margo confronts Deanna and exposes her scheme, clearing her name and restoring her dignity.

The Themes

Friendship and family

One of the main themes of Daring to Dream is friendship and family. The book shows how Margo, Laura, and Kate have a strong bond of sisterhood that supports them through their trials and tribulations. They are always there for each other, offering advice, comfort, encouragement, and humor. They also share their joys and achievements, celebrating each other's successes and happiness. They are more than friends; they are family.

The book also shows how Margo's relationship with her mother evolves over time. At first, Margo feels resentful and rebellious towards Anne Sullivan, who is strict and demanding with her daughter. Margo thinks that Anne does not love her or approve of her choices. However, as Margo faces her challenges and grows as a person, she realizes that Anne loves her very much and only wants the best for her. She also understands that Anne has sacrificed a lot for her daughter, and that she is proud of her achievements. Margo learns to appreciate and respect her mother, and they reconcile their differences.

Dreams and ambitions

Another theme of Daring to Dream is dreams and ambitions. The book shows how Margo has always dared to dream big and pursue her goals with determination and courage. She has a passion for life and adventure, and she does not let anyone or anything stop her from following her heart. She also inspires others to chase their dreams and live their lives fully.

The book also shows how Margo's dreams change over time. At first, Margo dreams of being a famous model and actress, but she realizes that this dream is not fulfilling or satisfying for her. She discovers that fame and fortune are not enough to make her happy, and that they come with a price. She also learns that some people are willing to hurt her or use her for their own gain. She decides to change her dream and pursue something more meaningful and rewarding for her.

Margo's new dream is to open a boutique that reflects her personality and style. She wants to share her love of fashion and beauty with others, and to create a place where people can feel good about themselves. She also wants to express her creativity and individuality, and to have more control over her own destiny. She works hard to make her dream come true, and she succeeds in creating a successful and popular business.

Identity and self-worth

A third theme of Daring to Dream is identity and self-worth. The book shows how Margo struggles with her sense of identity and self-worth throughout her life. She feels insecure and unworthy because of her humble origins and her mother's disapproval. She also feels like she does not belong in the world of the rich and famous, where she is judged by her appearance and reputation. She tries to fit in and please others, but she also loses herself in the process.

The book also shows how Margo overcomes her insecurities and finds her true self. She realizes that she does not need to pretend or hide who she is, and that she can be proud of her heritage and background. She also realizes that she does not need to depend on others for validation or happiness, and that she can love herself and value herself. She learns to accept herself and her past, and to embrace her future.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Daring to Dream is a captivating romance novel that tells the story of Margo Sullivan, a former model who returns to her childhood home after a scandal ruins her career. She finds love, friendship, family, and a new dream in the process. She also solves a mystery that connects her to the past and the future. The book explores the themes of friendship and family, dreams and ambitions, identity and self-worth.

Personal opinion and recommendation

I enjoyed reading Daring to Dream because it was entertaining, engaging, and inspiring. I liked the characters, especially Margo, who was a strong, independent, and charismatic heroine. I also liked the romance between Margo and Josh, who had great chemistry and banter. I also liked the mystery element of the book, which added some suspense and intrigue to the story. I thought the book was well-written, with vivid descriptions, realistic dialogues, and emotional scenes.

I would recommend Daring to Dream to anyone who likes romance novels with a touch of mystery and drama. I think it is a great book for fans of Nora Roberts, as well as for readers who enjoy stories about friendship, family, dreams, and self-discovery.


  • Where can I download a PDF version of Daring to Dream?

You can download a PDF version of Daring to Dream from various online sources, such as Library Genesis or Z-Library. However, you should be aware that downloading copyrighted books without permission is illegal and unethical. You should respect the author's rights and support her work by buying the book from authorized sellers.

  • What are the other books in the Dream Trilogy?

The other books in the Dream Trilogy are Holding the Dream and Finding the Dream. Holding the Dream focuses on Kate Powell's story, as she faces a professional crisis and falls in love with Byron De Witt, a handsome architect. Finding the Dream focuses on Laura Templeton's story, as she recovers from a divorce and falls in love with Michael Fury, a rugged horse trainer.

  • Are there any movies or TV shows based on Daring to Dream?

No, there are no movies or TV shows based on Daring to Dream as of now. However, there are many other Nora Roberts books that have been adapted into movies or TV shows, such as Montana Sky, Sanctuary, Midnight Bayou, Northern Lights, Blue Smoke, Angels Fall, High Noon, Tribute, The Witness, The Search, The Obsession, etc.

  • Who are some similar authors to Nora Roberts?

  • Some similar authors to Nora Roberts are Danielle Steel, Sandra Brown, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Here is the continuation of the FAQs: Who are some similar authors to Nora Roberts?

If you enjoy reading Nora Roberts's books, you might also like some of these authors who write similar romance novels:

  • Julie Garwood: She writes historical and contemporary romance novels with strong heroines and charming heroes. Some of her popular books are The Bride, The Secret, and The Wedding.

  • Sandra Brown: She writes suspenseful and steamy romance novels with complex plots and twists. Some of her popular books are Envy, Chill Factor, and Lethal.

  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips: She writes humorous and heartwarming romance novels with quirky characters and witty dialogues. Some of her popular books are It Had to Be You, Kiss an Angel, and Match Me If You Can.

  • Amanda Quick: She writes historical and paranormal romance novels with mystery and adventure elements. Some of her popular books are Ravished, The Paid Companion, and The Girl Who Knew Too Much.

  • Catherine Coulter: She writes historical and contemporary romance novels with suspense and action elements. Some of her popular books are The Sherbrooke Bride, The Cove, and The Maze.

  • Here is the continuation of the FAQs: What are some of the reviews of Daring to Dream?

Daring to Dream has received mostly positive reviews from readers and critics. It has an average rating of 4.04 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, based on 25,825 ratings and 643 reviews. Some of the common praises for the book are:

  • It has a captivating and engaging plot that keeps the reader interested and entertained.

  • It has well-developed and likable characters that have realistic flaws and strengths.

  • It has a steamy and romantic relationship between Margo and Josh that has chemistry and tension.

  • It has a beautiful and vivid setting that transports the reader to the world of the Templeton House.

  • It has a touch of mystery and suspense that adds some intrigue and excitement to the story.

Some of the common criticisms for the book are:

  • It has some clichés and stereotypes that make the story predictable and formulaic.

  • It has some unrealistic and exaggerated situations that make the story unbelievable and melodramatic.

  • It has some outdated and sexist attitudes that make the story insensitive and offensive.

  • It has some slow and boring parts that make the story drag and lose momentum.

  • It has some editing and formatting errors that make the story confusing and unprofessional.

  • Here is the continuation of the FAQs: What is the order of the Dream Trilogy?

The Dream Trilogy consists of three books that follow the stories of Margo Sullivan, Kate Powell, and Laura Templeton. The order of the books is:

  • Daring to Dream (1996): This book focuses on Margo Sullivan's story, as she returns to Templeton House after a scandal ruins her career as a model. She finds love with Josh Templeton, Laura's brother and her childhood crush. She also uncovers a secret that connects her to the Templeton family and their history.

  • Holding the Dream (1997): This book focuses on Kate Powell's story, as she faces a professional crisis and falls in love with Byron De Witt, a handsome architect. She also deals with her personal issues and her relationship with her adoptive parents.

  • Finding the Dream (1997): This book focuses on Laura Templeton's story, as she recovers from a divorce and falls in love with Michael Fury, a rugged horse trainer. She also pursues her dream of becoming a gardener and a landscaper.

  • Here is the continuation of the FAQs: How can I get a PDF version of the Dream Trilogy?

There are several ways to get a PDF version of the Dream Trilogy by Nora Roberts. You can:

Buy the ebook version from online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, e


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