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Quiet 4 a Cause: A Hilarious Silent Film Comedy Series - Watch or Download Now

Quiet 4 a Cause Movie Free Download in Hindi: Why You Should Avoid It

If you are looking for a way to watch Quiet 4 a Cause movie free download in hindi, you might be tempted to visit some pirate websites that offer this option. However, before you do that, you should know that downloading or streaming movies from unauthorized sources is not only illegal, but also risky and unethical. In this article, we will explain what Quiet 4 a Cause is, how you can watch it legally and safely, and what are the risks of downloading it from pirate websites.

Quiet 4 a Cause movie free download in hindi


What is Quiet 4 a Cause?

A short introduction to the TV series

Quiet 4 a Cause is a TV series that premiered in 2018 and has three seasons so far. It is a silent film comedy that features various characters who communicate through gestures, expressions, and subtitles. The series is created by Christopher Annino and Darlene Lawson Kreis, who also star in it along with other actors such as Jeanne Basone, Olga Kurkulina, Veronika Convery, and more. The series has won one award for Best Comedy at the New York Film Awards in 2018.

The main cast and crew

The main cast of Quiet 4 a Cause includes:

  • Christopher Annino as Enzio Marchello, a mime who often gets into trouble with his brother Marco.

  • Darlene Lawson Kreis as I Dream of Jeannie, a genie who grants wishes to Enzio and Marco.

  • Jeanne Basone as Hollywood, a former wrestler who is now a stuntwoman and actress.

  • Olga Kurkulina as Mime 1, a silent partner of Enzio who helps him with his schemes.

  • Veronika Convery as Mime 2, another silent partner of Enzio who joins him in his adventures.

  • Peter Kenyon as Marco Marchello, Enzio's brother who is also a mime and often clashes with him.

The main crew of Quiet 4 a Cause includes:

  • Christopher Annino as creator, writer, director, producer, and editor.

  • Darlene Lawson Kreis as creator, writer, director, producer, and editor.

  • David Blair as cinematographer and camera operator.

  • Liz Mlynek as production assistant and sound mixer.

  • Tim Medeiros as production assistant and sound mixer.

The plot and genre

The plot of Quiet 4 a Cause revolves around the adventures of Enzio Marchello and his brother Marco Marchello, two mimes who live in a world where everyone else can speak. They often encounter various characters such as Hollywood, I Dream of Jeannie, Mime 1, Mime 2, Officer Keystone, Dr. Fantastic, Princess Tiger-lily, Leilani Hula, Cowboy Bob Ace, Cadet Liz, Sgt Beatle Bilko, The Friendly Storm Trooper, Green Fairy, and more. The series is a comedy that parodies different genres such as action, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, western, musical, romance, etc. The series also pays homage to silent film legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel and Hardy, etc.

How to Watch Quiet 4 a Cause Legally and Safely?



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