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Unfortunately, in few cases we cannot find the connection between the antibody used in a publication and the antibody used in our catalog, especially as we are trying to link this kind of information to the datasheets. However, as we have only two matching isotypes in this case, and both differ only in the amount we sell: -IgG-monoclonal-SP137-isotype-control-ab125938.html -IgG-monoclonal-SP137-isotype-control-ab125938.html. -IgG-monoclonal-SP137-isotype-control-pre-diluted-ab128142.html -IgG-monoclonal-SP137-isotype-control-pre-diluted-ab128142.html.


I've confirmed with the lab that there is no isotype subclass for rabbit IgG, unlike other species. So the isotype of ab125938 is just IgG. Here is a reference that mentions the single rabbit isotype-

Thank you for contacting us. The concentration of the current lot of the rabbit monoclonal isotype control we discussed, ab125938, is 0.527 mg/ml. The concentration of the Nrf2 antibody is 0.2 mg/ml. I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

is looking for a control for Mouse IgG2b and Rabbit Igg1. He mentioned ab125938 & ab128142, and is asking what is the difference between these two? Besides the price and the amount, I could not find anything different. He was asking if these two are "whole", but I don't see that listed on the datasheet. He also mentioned ab88524.

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