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Mirror 2: Project X Trainer


Mirror 2: Project X Trainer

This is your end to end guide on how to do exactly that. Virtually every trainer app out there today falls into one of these platforms. From there, you need only decide whether you want a wired or wireless solution.

I got tired of moving my computer downstairs to ride Zwift and found that I could project the screen and sound from my PC upstairs to my Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810RW device downstairs. So far it seems to be working perfectly with little lag. I use BLE on my Android phone with the Zwift mobile link app to pick up the sensor data from the Wahoo Kickr Snap. I bought the Roku initially to get an app not supported by my TV yet, and was pleasantly surprised to discover this functionality with Zwift also.

For those of you who have an ios device and a Windows PC or MAC and do not want to spend the money on an Apple TV, Airserver is a great option for mirroring iOS devices to your TV assuming you have the cable to connect your windows PC to your TV.

If anyone knows of a good way to wirelessly transmit Ant+ signals to a PC in another room, I would love to know about it. I would like to give Zwift a go, but my only PC capable of running it is in the office upstairs while my trainer and TV are in the basement.

You need a Mirror membership to access all fitness classes and sign up for personal training sessions. The subscription costs $39 per month and requires a 1-year initial commitment. Without a subscription, the Mirror functions like a regular reflective mirror.

Many walls in the Reflection Cave are reflective like mirrors, thus explaining the origin of the cave's name. Due to these reflective surfaces, several Trainers facing the walls will be able to notice the player walking behind them and challenge them to a battle. The player can also use these surfaces to locate a hidden passageway on B2F. A Pokémon Breeder on B1F will fully heal the player's Pokémon if she's talked to.

The Reflection Cave appeared in The Cave of Mirrors!. Like in the games, it is filled with many reflective crystals. While traveling through the cave, Ash's mirror image suddenly seemed to come alive and grabbed Pikachu, prompting him to follow. He soon found out that on the other side of the Reflection Cave's mirrors, there was a Mirror World, where he met mirror versions of himself and his friends, all of whom possessed characteristics completely opposite to their real world counterparts: Mirror Ash was timid and easily shaken; Mirror Pikachu was mischievous and a roughneck; Mirror Serena was arrogant and a serious battler; Mirror Clemont was a fit and fast runner, who relied on magic instead of science; Mirror Bonnie was lady-like and proud of her big brother's achievements; and Mirror Team Rocket were celebrated heroes of justice.

The real Ash soon learned that after losing a battle against Mirror Serena, Mirror Ash tearfully ran into the Mirror World's Reflection Cave, where he became separated with his Pikachu. After seeing the real Ash's Pikachu in a mirror, he reached out and grabbed it, believing it to be his own. After being reunited, Ash and Pikachu agreed to help find Mirror Pikachu, which turned out to have been caught by Team Rocket, who had also found their way into the Mirror World. As they began to attack the real Pikachu, both Ashes sent their Hawlucha to battle them, but the real Hawlucha soon became confused by James's Inkay's Psybeam, and was quickly recalled before it started hurting its counterpart. Mirror Ash's Hawlucha was quickly called back as well, being too cowardly and scared to fight Jessie's Pumpkaboo effectively. However, during the commotion, Mirror Clemont sneaked behind the trio and freed the two Pikachu, who proceeded to send Team Rocket blasting off with a double Thunderbolt.

Apple TV only supports 2 Bluetooth devices connected. So if you have a CycleOps Hammer, or a Wahoo KICKR connected to Zwift on Apple TV as a power source and controllable trainer, then you used one open Bl


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